Saturday, March 26, 2011

I found my JOY!!!

So, I took a day to mourn the loss of my care free days, sun kissed skin, and palm tree hugs, lol. Then I wanted to find the JOY in my circumstances!! I was having a tough time though. The only negative I can even find about Everett is the rain...the constant rain.

Today I talked to someone at a church out there and it was a great conversation! I sent her an email afterward and thanked her for her time and I posted a link to this blog. Then I went to look at my blog to make sure I didn't say anything bad about Washington, lol. A few posts down, I reread a post I wrote about my name. It reminded me that God is taking care of me and that He has called me for a purpose and that He has given me everything I need! I have found joy in my circumstances!! I wrote that blog before I knew I was going to Washington. God is amazing!!

Now today I am feeling really great about the move! I am excited about the church out there and the fact that they have a large homeschooling community, I am excited that Tink already has a pen pal out there and that I have a friend, and I am excited because God reminded me to have joy in my circumstances through my own words that He gave me to write. Words that reminded me that God has called me to this military life and that even in the rain...he will help me to grow!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Answer #1

We got one of our answers yesterday. We are moving to Everett, Washington. Wow. I'm very glad to have our answer, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. Mr. M even told me it was most likely going to be Everett. The funniest thing is that when he was picking orders, there was 1 job that he wanted and there were 2 places he could go. California or Washington. We, OF COURSE, chose California because I didn't want to go back to Washington. Lol. Well, God obviously wanted something different for us!

Yesterday, I mourned my palm trees and sunshine. Today, I am still a little in shock and I WANT to be excited about Washington, but there just isn't as much to be excited about. I just checked the weather and for the next 10 days, it's nothing but rain. *sigh*

We most likely will not be able to get into that housing I liked, it's a long wait, but there are a lot of nice houses for rent in the area and the cost of living up there is a lot less then CA or NJ! It looks like there are some decent churches in the area and they do have JBQ up there.

We also found out that there is a chance that Mr. M might have to be in CA for a few months while we are in WA. NOT happy about that at all. Praying against that!

So, I got my answer. Now, today, I have to find my strength to be joyful in my circumstances!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Crazy Life...

I think this could be my blog post every day! Maybe I should rename my blog this! As usual we have been extremely busy, so computer time has taken a back seat, which is a good thing I suppose. There are 3 things that have been weighing on my mind lately.

#1.) JBQ. Junior Bible Quiz is a wonderful program for kids 3rd - 6th grade where they memorize questions and answers and quotations from the Bible. Princess and Tink are both in it this year. For the State competition, they were on separate teams and Princess's team did really great and I am so proud of how she has totally stepped up this year as a leader her first year. This is Tink's 3rd and last year in the program. She is very gifted in this area! Her team had an "off" day on the day of competition and they ended up in 5th place. Not bad at all, but there are only 4 spots for regionals. The teams that beat them are teams they have beat before and even teams that beat them earlier in the day, they beat later during the playoffs. It was just a series of unfortunate events that day. Her one teammate actually came in 1st place in the whole state of NJ!! There was still a chance that they might take a 5th team but it wasn't looking good.

Well, we heard last night that things are changing and that we don't know for sure yet but we should make arrangements to go! I am still praying really hard! I really want Tink's team to have this opportunity! It's almost like we are the the Packers!! And we are going to get in and take it all! Lol! Well, I don't know about that...but it would be great for them to have this experience!

#2.) Our house in Virginia. Our tenants moved out, and I won't even go into all the drama with that in itself! Our Property Manager went to do the walk through and the house is extremely filthy. The tenants said they hired a professional cleaning company but there is just NO WAY! the floors are filthy, the drawers are filthy, the appliances are filthy...I can't believe ANY cleaning company would leave a house looking like that! So now my PM is having to call the company and make them come back out and do it right. There is damage to window screens, the screen door, the garage door openers, the blinds for the sliding glass door, and a few walls. Now, all of this will come out of the security deposit but it's still stressful! In the mean time, the new tenants are coming to see the house again tomorrow and the house is filthy and they wanted permission to paint. On one hand, they are saving US money by painting it instead of us having to paint. But on the other hand, I am not comfortable with them doing anything until the process is finished with the previous tenants. Plus I don't really want them having a key and such till they start paying rent. I sure hope they understand!

#3.) Our move. We found out back in January I think that we were moving before the end of the year, probably November. Mr. M has the opportunity to go to a new job and it's in San Diego!! This is the job he wanted when we left Great Lakes but it wasn't available. We were so excited! His CO here did not sign the paperwork to release him cause she wanted a person to replace him first. So WE PRAYED!! God provided and a person took the orders and is coming in August!! That means we are leaving in September now, even earlier then expected! I really like this time frame better, easier on the kids for programs and such. The kids and I have gotten SO excited about moving to San Diego!! Disneyland, the zoo, Sea World, Lego Land, military hopper flights to Hawaii!! We started researching churches there too. NO JBQ in San Diego. Wow. Princess would be the only one in it next year but it's such an amazing program we are just shocked about having to possibly give it up.

Then Mr. M got a phone call from the guy who he's relieving. They might be moving the job to Everett, Washington!! WHAT?!?! Washington?!?! I don't want to live in Washington again! I want to move to San Diego! I want the sunshine and palm trees! *sigh* Okay God. I know that we are in the center of your will right now. I know that these orders are a reward from you for our family. So I KNOW that I need to TRUST in you. So now we are researching Everett as well. It's different then where I lived there before. The housing is NICE if we can get in it. They do have JBQ there. It IS beautiful, there is no denying that. But there definitely aren't any palm trees.

I just want to know! Is it San Diego? Is it Everett? Are they going to move us to San Diego and then to Everett? Hmmm, I just realized this sounds very familiar. Back in Great Lakes we thought we were going to be moving to Long Island, NY. Then it is was either going to be there or Manhattan, NY or Colts Neck, NJ. All I wanted was to know!! Now here I am again just wanting to know. The Lord blessed us in it being Colts Neck, it is the perfect place for us. I know He will pick the perfect place for us again. I just wish He would tell me which one it was going to be! :o)