Sunday, December 7, 2008

18 DAYS?!?!?!

Wow, has Christmas snuck up on me this year! I mean, all our lights are up and the tree and we have family coming to town and all that...but I haven't bought a single gift!! We have been getting simpler and simpler every year with our Christmas gift giving and party going. We really limit ourselves. We want our children to truly know what Christmas is about...and if we aren't showing them personally then how will they know?

A lot of people think we are mean cause we don't do the Santa thing. Obviously I disagree, I don't want to be mean to my kids! We still 'play' Santa. They get gifts from Santa...they just know the true history of santa and that Mommy and Daddy play santa. It's still lots of fun, we just choose for them to focus on Jesus. (not to say that if you 'do' Santa that you aren't!)

I want my children to remember going to church on Christmas Eve and the wonderful sound of all the voices singing Silent Night while candles are being lit across the sanctuary. I want them to remember their Daddy reading the Christmas story to them that night. I want them to remember the family all being together, if we are so blessed...or to be proud of their Daddy for the service he does for his country when he's unable to be there like last year. I want them to remember that Christmas is about the birth of the Savior of the world!

So while I am trying to make our Christmas simple...have I gone too far? Am I going to be running around like a crazy (pregnant) lady trying to find last minute gifts? I hope not. I will be sitting down in the next couple days and making my lists and then I will execute those lists. I hope that in the next few weeks, our home remains peaceful, loving, and non-chaotic. I really don't like shopping either, but I do love to wrap presents! So for all of you out there who hate wrapping presents....come over and do my laundry and I'll wrap your presents while you're here! Oh, did I mention I don't like laundry either? That's a whole other post!!

So here is to your Christmas being simple! Remember, it will be what you make it.