Sunday, December 5, 2010


Dear Mom,

As a little girl one of my fondest memories was on Sunday nights, watching you and Dad getting ready for Square Dancing. I can still smell Dad’s aftershave, lol. I would be watching the Mandrel Sisters on tv and you would be walking around in your square dance skirt…I thought you were SO beautiful! I loved how you and Dad always had matching outfits. It was the best thing ever when us kids were allowed to come and start taking lessons and I got to dress up just like my Mom!

I loved camping too. I remember it seeming like we were going so far away…yet we had just gone to the Jellystone in Racine, and I couldn’t wait for you to get there after work. You always made sure that we had so much fun and later after T was gone and it was just me, you always let me bring J along too. Even to Disney World!! How lucky of a girl I was to go to the most magical place on earth with my Mom, Dad, AND my best friend!!

Another great memory happened every Christmas Eve. The lights were on, it was dark outside already, and sometimes it would be snowing. The anticipation of you getting home from work so we could open presents was almost unbearable! But the feeling of excitement was so great and it was all because you gave me such a love for ALL things Christmas! I remember I used to call you at work and beg to open just one present!! You always laughed at me and told me I had to wait!

I remember that when Grandma died, you held your grief in for my sake so I could go to my formal at school; you let me have just one more day. We traveled to MN the next day and I remember that I went to the funeral home with you to take care of things. For some reason, I felt really close to you that day. I miss Grandma a lot. I think of how much she would love my kids and how much she would just adore Mr. M! I know you must miss her a lot too!

In this military life that we live, I could not imagine being able to do it without your support Mom. God is what gets me through…but He gave YOU to me to be his listening ear and loving heart right here on earth. I know that no matter where I am or what I am facing…you will be there for me. I remember the feeling of total fear that I had when Mr. M told me he was going to Iraq. After he held me and I cried, I looked at him and said, “Can I call my Mom?” He said, “I was wondering when you would.” He knows that I still need my Mommy to make the boogie man go away.

So this year, on your birthday, even though I can’t be with you, I want you to know that I love you Mom. I love the relationship that we have! I know that I can tell you ANYTHING and you will still love me. I feel proud of you, protective of you, and I am so happy that God chose YOU to be my Mom…I wouldn’t have picked anyone else!

I love with all of my heart.