Friday, September 30, 2011

Getting Settled

We are now in Washington! We love our house, our location, our church, everything! We are getting used to Mr. M's new schedule and are so happy that he doesn't have to be in California.

Our church here is amazing!! We have met so many wonderful people and have just dove right in. Tink is doing Teen Bible Quiz (TBQ), a Sunday School class that is talking about creation vs evolution that she is really enjoying, a middle school small group, youth group, youth choir, and serving with me in the little kids choir. Princess is doing Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ), Kids Church, Impact (a Bible club), and kids choir. The boys have their little Sunday School classes and Little Man has Royal Rangers and kids choir too. So we are staying pretty busy!!

A couple weeks ago, a new friend was going over to the east side of WA for a fun weekend of homesteading type activities and one of those was getting some apples. So I bought some too and she brought them back for me! So over the last 2 weekends, Mr. M and I have made over 50 quarts of applesauce!! It is so yummy!!! Hopefully it will last us till next fall...but we'll see!

This Thursday I am going over to a friends house to learn how to make my own bread. Not like the type you get from a bread maker...blah! But homemade, whole wheat bread!! I am really excited to start making my own! Mr. M and I have researched kitchen mixers and can't wait to get our Bosch Universal Mixer with it's 800 watt motor!

Next summer we are definitely making our own freezer jam again too! I know, I am sounding like a crazy homesteader right?! I hope so! Pretty soon I will be sewing all our own clothes!! Just kidding...not that there is anything wrong with that! Been there done that. I have made a few dresses for my girls and I have found it takes way too much time and money and I can buy things much, much cheaper!!

I am still trying to finish up unpacking. Downstairs is looking amazing! I hung up all the pictures and everything down there is unpacked and put away. So, now it's upstairs time. I feel like I never get to it cause I am always trying to keep up with cleaning the downstairs and doing laundry and doing school. But now I have a time limit...which always helps! This Friday is Tink's birthday party!!

Now I feel like saying blah, blah, blah...cause that is how I feel like I sound!! Lol. This is part of why I haven't blogged in so long!