Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Thankful

This last Sunday when my Pastor gave us a sermon about being thankful, all I could do was cry. I mean, seriously, I cried through almost the whole thing and by the end I was sobbing. Part of it I'm sure was prenancy hormones! But as I sat there through that service, I just was SO thankful!

You see, last year this time, Mr. M was on his way to Iraq. He spent Thanksgiving day on a plane, eating plane food for his Thanksgiving meal. I remember being with his family that day and having to excuse myself to go cry. I remember my 5 year old saying to me, "but what if he dies?" I mean, seriously, how do you answer that?! So I was honest with her. I told her that we will pray every day that he won't, but that if he does, he will get to be in Heaven with Jesus. Not very comforting to a 5 year old, but I just could not promise her that he would come home. That was a hard day, followed by very many more hard days.

There were times I wouldn't hear from him for days. There were times when I would hear explosions in the background and then we would get disconnected. There were times when he would email me and just say 'pray for me today' and I would know that he was going on a mission. There were times were I would get so scared that I would lay in my bed at night and just cry myself to sleep. It wasn't that I was afraid of him dying...I knew that God already had the day that he went home to Heaven choosen, whether he was in Iraq or not. I was afraid of what my life was going to be like without him. I was afraid of raising 3 children by myself without their Daddy. I was afraid of never feeling his arms around me again.

In May 2008, he came home. It has been so wonderful having him home. I feel so blessed. That brings me back to today. I am so thankful to have Mr. M home with us. So many husbands, wives, sons and daughters have not made it back home again to their families. So as we sit around the Thanksgiving table this year and say what we are thankful for, I am sure I will be crying again. Because I am so thankful that my love will be sitting beside me, carving the turkey and smiling that wonderful smile of his. Thank you Lord, for bringing him home to us and for the wonderful baby growing in my womb.

Angels Watching Over Us

So last week we had quite a scare at our house. Little Man pulled his dresser down on top of him. I was downstairs and heard a crash and then screaming, I went running! On my way up the stairs I heard Princess yell that Little Man was on the floor and his dresser was on top of him. The adrenaline was pumping! I got up there and it was awful. He was laying on the floor on his back with the dresser totally on top of him. I started trying to pull the dresser up but realized that the drawers were falling out too and I didn't want them to fall out on top of him while I pulled it up so I yelled for Princess to grab him and get him out. It was so precious, she grabbed him under the arms like a fireman and pulled him out while I held up the drawers for dear life.

I scooped him up and ran downstairs. There was blood everywhere. He was bleeding from his mouth and his chin. I grabbed a wet paper towel and the phone. First I cleaned up his mouth and chin abit and checked his teeth and inside his mouth, there was so much blood but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from! Next I started feeling his whole body, checking for broken bones and movement...which was hard to do while he's clinging to me for dear life. I called hubby at work and left a message with one of his secratary's for him to call home immediately. It was hard to hear him with Little Man screaming so I assumed he said he would. Luckily he could tell there was a crisis and he called Mr. M's Sr. Chief and he tracked him down. He called and said he would meet me at the ER.

I finished checking Little Man over and we changed clothes since there was blood all over our other ones. He was already starting to bruise on his legs and feet, one foot was really bad. There was also a line across his chest where I assume a drawer had hit. I dropped the girls off at a neighbors and headed to the ER.

As soon as we got there it was like Little Man was totally fine. He played with the toys in the waiting room and ran around acting silly. When we saw the Dr., they were pretty amazed how well he was doing. They checked him over and he had no broken bones and they didn't think he needed a head scan either since he was acting totally normal (mind you we'd been there for like 3 hours at this point!). Because of the way the drawers opened when it fell on him, it kept the dresser off of his head. One of the drawers must have hit his mouth though, we figured out the bleeder was his frenulum (that little stringy thing under your upper lip), he cut it. His upper lip was also cut and then his chin was the worst. All are healing very nicely. So we were sent home with signs to watch for in case of concussion and such.

When we got home, all I could think of was how in the world did he not get more hurt?! God's angels must of been watching out for us that day. I thank the Lord for his protection of my son.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back to School!

So this morning Tinkerbell decided she was doing school with or without me! With being very sick from my pregnancy and moving, we kind of took a break...a big break! Because her assignment notebook was still up to date, she decided to do it on her own and today did a whole day of school. WOW! I am so proud of her!

I am also really sad. Sad that my kids are so being affected by Mommy being out of commission. Poor Princess could not do school today and really wanted to. Unfortunately I need to get her stuff in order for her to do anything. I am working on it. The classroom is clean and mostly organized...although we are still missing a box. Nothing that will keep us from doing school, just bulletin board stuff and hands on stuff and all the stuff for our calendar.

This week has been one of those weeks where I was thinking I should have just put them in school here. But then I'd have to be up early getting them ready for school, driving them to school, being involved at the school, and doing homework. So really it wouldn't be easier at all. I just need to get myself in gear. Hard to do when you aren't feeling well...but I am going to try. I mean, how often do your kids BEG you to do school...even Math!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Election

So yesterday was voting day. I was SO nervous that I wasn't going to be able to vote. We haven't established residency here yet so I have no proof of my address. I went over to my polling location and waited in line for the non-registered voters. When it was my turn, all they wanted to see was my military ID and my social security card. I was kind of surprised but at the same time very happy! I got to vote!

Any of you who know me, probably know that my vote was for McCain/Palin. I'm not going to go into all the reason's at this point...since it's over already. I watched the election for awhile last night until McCain lost 2 of the must win states. I was really tired and not feeling well so I went to bed. I was really mad. I feel like a lot of people who voted for Obama (if this isn't you then please don't be offended!), voted uninformed. Young people who follow the crowd and only get their information from the WAY BIASED media. Or SOME people who only voted for him because of his race...and there are those out there. They showed them all over the news outlets last night saying exactly that. Or the people who voted for him simply to bring our troops home...who cares about the consequences.

Anyway, Barrack Obama is now the President Elect of the United States of America and come January will be Mr. M's new boss and we will support him 100% whether we agree with him or not. Congrats to all my friends who choose this candidate and who think that change is coming. I pray that you are right.

I met a new blogger today who stumbled across my blog from someone elses and when I went to check her's out, my spirit was lifted. She reminded me that God is still God! He is still on the throne and His word never changes. This wasn't a surprise to Him.

So today is a new day. I pray for Mr. Obama. First of all for his life and the safety of his family. I know that may seem dramatic but I also know that there are hateful people in this world. Second of all, for all the change that he said is coming. I pray that this is true and that it will be good change and not send us into a depression. Thirdly, I pray that he chooses good advisors and a good team of people to join him and that he listens to the military advisors and doesn't just make rash desicions where it comes to the military.

There is one thing I am so proud of today. Our first African American president...that is amazing. May God Bless America!!