Friday, December 28, 2012

The Mountains

I know it rains a lot here, I mean...really, a lot! But when the skies's amazing!! Today is one of those days! The skies are clear and I can see all 3 mountain ranges, the Cascades, the Olympics, and Mt. Rainier. They are so beautiful! I have tried numerous times to get good pictures of what I see from my house, but a camera can not capture the same greatness that the human eye sees. The intricate details are lost. God made our eyes so amazing!!

The mountains are one of the things that I LOVE about living here in the Pacific Northwest. When Mr. M's parents were out here visiting for 10 days in early December, they didn't get to see them once! I was so disappointed, because I wanted them to truly see their beauty! When my parents were here in August, it didn't rain once and we could see them almost every day! You just never know what it's going to do here...but most days, it just rains, lol.

I just remind myself that I'd rather have rain then for it to be 6 degrees outside and sunny!! Being from Wisconsin, I have dealt with some pretty cold winters in my life...I do not like the cold! So rain, doesn't bother me so much!


Mrs. H said...

The mountains there are OUTSTANDING! A friend of mine came from Alabama to visit, and she didn't get to see them the entire time until I was driving her back to the airport! Then I wasn't even thinking about them when she said, "Oh - oh - um oh my gosh, are those clouds, or are those actually mountains!?"

"Those are the Cascades!" I told her, pleased they had come out finally!

She couldn't get her camera out fast enough! "Usually," she said, "when we see those shadows on the horizon, it's just cool clouds that LOOK like mountains. I can't believe I'm actually seeing mountains!!"

I never realized, until we moved to Chicago, HOW FORTUNATE and blessed we were to live surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges!!!!

Mrs. M said...

Yes, and I grew up near Chicago, so having these mountains now are just amazing!! Have you and Mr. H driven out to the mountains in VA yet? It is a totally different kind of beauty! We went camping out there and went swimming in a water hole! We'll have to go next summer!!