Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Reunion

We went down to Missouri for a family reunion on my Dad's side this weekend and it was so fun! I haven't seen my brother in at least 5 years and some of my cousins even longer then that! We stayed at a state campground there that was just beautiful! The reunion was at one of my Aunt's houses and Mr. M and I and the kids all just loved her homestead!

They have cows, chickens, a donkey, goats, emus, guineas, dogs, cats, and probably some other animals I am forgetting. I drank cow's milk (non store bought) for the first time and I LOVED it!! For some reason I thought it would be gross, but it was really good! She has her own pasteurizer. She also makes her own cheese, butter, and cottage cheese. She has a huge garden and cans her own vegetables. It was amazing!
Her house was amazing too. It's an actual log cabin out in the country, it was so peaceful!!

We loved seeing everyone and just had such a great time, here are some pics of our visit.

Papa talking to his little Scooter


Little Man washing all his animals after the rain

Little Man with a VERY dirty camping face!

My brother and his family

the cousins

the girls hanging out in the camper playing games

Little Man getting very wet in the rain

my cousin and her hubby

Mr. M and my aunt

my cousin holding Scooter and his wife and SIL

cousins in the tea house

Nana & Papa (my Mom & Dad)

the birthday boy & girl (my cousin and my uncle)

our happy little farm girl (princess)

my aunt & uncle - the homesteaders

the cabin

side porch

front porch

fireplace with woodstove insert for heat

future homesteaders

putting their feet in the muddy Mississippi

Even Scooter did it!

a good time was had by all!

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Michelle said...

looks like it was such a fun reunion! Sorry I've been so behind on commenting lately - congrats on the newest addition to your family - adorable!