Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Announcing Scooter!

Born May 2, 2009 @ 1:31pm

7lbs 11oz - 20” long

Original due date 5/9/09

On Saturday morning I woke up around 2am with what I thought to be Braxton Hicks contractions. I was really annoyed because I knew it was going to be a long night and we had a volunteer training at church at 8:30am. Around 5am I went back up to bed, I woke Mr. M up at 6am. I said, “Hey honey, do you want to go to the volunteer training today or to the hospital to have a baby?” He woke up pretty quick!

We discussed it and thought maybe we would stick with our plans of going to church since it would probably be awhile before we headed to the hospital. Almost as soon as we said that, the pain set in! My contractions were varying from 5-9 minutes apart but were lasting longer than a minute. We called my Mom and Dad and I texted my niece who was coming to stay with the kids. She got over pretty quick and sat with me through my contractions helping us time them. We decided we should head over to the hospital.

We got there around 9am and they made me go in a wheel chair up to L&D. They put me right into a room and decided to check me before they did anything. I was nervous because my Dr. just checked me on Thursday afternoon and I was not dilated at all and was still very thick. Plus this is usually where they tell me I need to go walk because I am not dilating. I had made a deal with my Dr. that she was going to let me get my epidural right away if I was in a lot of pain…but she was not on call this weekend. They checked me and I was 3 CM!!!! I couldn’t believe it! The nurse wasn’t too impressed until I told her that my Dr. checked me on Thursday and I was at 0. Plus I gave her a brief history of my previous labor experiences. They decided to let me get my epidural right away! I had to get an IV to get fluids first and they needed to put me on antibiotics since I was GBS+.

After my epidural kicked in, I was a happy camper! Mr. M calls it ‘better living through chemistry’. I could tell I was having contractions but they were not painful. When they checked me after the epidural was all set, I was already at 5cm. Things are moving pretty quickly! I have to say the funniest thing that happened during this delivery was that my bottom kept shaking. It was like my butt was doing the jig and I couldn’t control it! The nurse said that is usually a sign that things are going to happen pretty quickly. She checked me again and I was at 7cm!

At this point I knew the Dr. was in the middle of a c-section, which made me a little nervous. I usually go pretty fast at the end and have nearly delivered on the so-called ‘practice pushes’. I told the nurse I really wanted to wait for the Dr. to come in so she just started getting everything ready. The Dr. came out of the c-sec and into my room and I was at 10cm and it was time to push. The first push nothing really happened but I wasn’t in the position I wanted to be in so I asked if I could move my legs and they were of course all for whatever I needed to do.

I pushed again and the head came out, at which point they made me stop so they could suction out his mouth and nose. That’s when they tell you to stop pushing…which is VERY uncomfortable! He said to go ahead with 1 more push and the baby was out. They all announced it was a boy!!! I clapped, I was so happy! Now we have 2 girls and 2 boys! I got a good look at him at this point and I thought he looked much smaller then my other baby’s. When they finally weighed him in at 7lbs 11oz I knew why! That is smaller than the 9lbers I am used to having! I haven’t seen 7lbs since my first born. He is absolutely gorgeous, not that I am biased or anything, and just as sweet as can be! He looks a lot like his brother did. We are home now and everyone is doing well, although very tired!


devildogwife said...

Congrats!! Enjoy that little one. :)

JCsings4Him said...

Congratulations, May family!!! A new, precious gift to love!!!!

Michelle said...

wow am I behind in blogging! congrats!! what a precious little one!