Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Summer in Pictures


My niece's graduation

Scooter's 1st camping trip

What a great Father's Day!

Fisher #1

Fisher #2

Mmmmmmm...mud pies

Swimmer in training

She finally made it up the green slide

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Man!

Proud Birthday boy


Produce from our garden

The Mighty Mississippi

Camping again

Papa & Scooter

Hiking...I think we will rename him Moose

Strawberry Picking
Cutting strawberries
Getting ready to make strawberry jam
Making strawberry jam
Princess's 7th Birthday Party


My how we've grown!

More produce!

the waterpark

more flags...more fun! 6 Flags!

Silver Lake

I wanna go with Papa!

Fisher #3

Look! I got one!

Fishin' with our Dad!

Are you talkin' to me?!

American Girl Store

Children's Museum

So that's our summer! It seems like we did a lot more then that but I guess we just didn't take a lot of pics! It was a wonderful summer and the kids are just growing leaps and bounds. Our fall so far has been just as busy and hopefully I'll post about that before Winter gets here!

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