Monday, October 19, 2009


We had a wonderful September that was full of activity! On September 2nd, Scooter turned 4 months old. He is getting bigger every day! He went in his highchair for the first time, not just for eating his cereal but also to hang out with us by the table when we are eating dinner. He seems to like it! He also thought it was really fun when Daddy put him in his big brother's boots, he laughed out loud for that one!

Over Labor Day weekend we went camping at Lake Lenwood. We really like this campground and the kids always have a blast! Canoeing, hiking, fishing, riding bikes, making new friends, and most of all catching frogs! Princess brought her frog home, much to the dismay of Mommy! We talked her into letting it go in our local pond.

September brings cooler fall days and the beginning of school. The girls had their first day and we went with some other homeschool friends on a progressive breakfast. That was a lot of fun, although I think next year we should just stay at one house and have everyone bring food. The getting in and out of the car with all the kids was a little hectic!

Little Man also had his first day of preschool! He is going to the same preschool that Tinkerbell went to when she was 4. He goes 2 days a week and he really loves it! It gives him some time away from his sisters and a chance to do something on his own without Mommy. He is getting better and better at not getting upset when I leave. He loves his teacher! The only bad thing is his exposure to more germs! He catches everything and it seems like he has a perpetual cold!

September also brings shopping! All the kids are growing so much and it seems they all need something! The big thing this month was pajamas. Princess got all Tinkerbell's that she outgrew so was very happy and Scooter got all Little Man's old stuff. So Tink and Little Man were in big need of some new jammies! This was Little Man's favorite pair! It even has a cape!

I had a garage sale one weekend and it went very well, we made around $600!!! Half of the proceeds went to my friend, Reece, who is going on a missions trip to Africa in January...I mean, half the clothes came from her girls as hand me downs anyway!!! It was so fun spending time with her that weekend and reminiscing over the clothes and the memories that come with them!

While we were having our garage sale, Mr. M was busy as a bee canning our own homemade applesauce. He got some apples from a coworker and just went to town! The kids helped too, when they weren't outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. This was our first adventure into canning applesauce and while it was time consuming, it is SO worth it!

This was only about half of what he made!

So we had another big adventure this month...we went to Disney World!!! It was so fun! We drove down there, which took 2 days. Our kids are such good travelers! We stayed at the Shades of Green hotel which is a hotel on Disney Property that is just for military, it is SO nice! We had a 5 day park pass and we stayed 6 days. It was SO HOT while we were there, hotter then usual for this time of year, but of course we still had tons of Disney fun!

On our first day we had a scary thing happen at the Animal Kingdom! I took Scooter, Little Man, and Princess on the Triceratop Spin. It's just like Dumbo but has dinosaurs. When we were exiting the ride, Princess fell underneath the ride! It was very scary and praise the Lord she wasn't hurt very badly!! I had Scooter in my arms, I was holding Little Man's hand, and Princess was walking behind me so I didn't even see it happen. Thankfully there was a Dad walking behind me and he saw it, yelled out, then jumped down and got her out. Mr. M had taken Tinkerbell on another ride so he was quite surprised about all the ruckus when he got back. There was medical, security, managers and all that that came by. You'd think they would have at least put us in the parade or something!! Lol! Other then that, we did have a great time at Animal Kingdom!

Tinkerbell had a funny adventure at Magic Kingdom. We went on the River Adventure ride (I forget the name of it!) and the driver asked for a volunteer to drive the boat. Of course Tinkerbell immediately raised her hand and he picked her! So she is driving along while he's telling his corny jokes and Mr. M and I are just dieing! She actually thinks she is driving the boat when in reality it is on a track under the water. She was doing a great job, turing the wheel when she was supposed to and everything! At one point the guide told everyone to get down cause there were spear hunters coming up and when she tried to duck down, he told her, "not you, you have to drive the boat!" It was funny! Then we were coming up to a spot where the boat goes under this cliff where there is a waterfall on the right side of the boat. Tinkerbell starts telling the guide that she is going to drive us into the waterfall. He is telling his corny jokes and totally ignoring her. She told him 3 times and he didn't tell her no so away she went! She starts turning the wheel...and turning it...and turning it...until...she finally realizes she's not actually driving the boat. She says, "awwwww man!" And the look on her face was priceless! Good thing for all those people she wasn't really driving...or we would have all gotten VERY WET!

Scooter's first Dumbo ride!

I guess we should have told him it doesn't really come out!

Such a ladies man!

Little Man had quite the time in Disney as well. When we were at Epcot, we went to see Turtle Talk with Crush. If you are planning a trip to Disney this is a must see! After riding the Nemo ride you go into this room where all the kids sit down in front and you sit on these benches in front of this huge screen. Then there is an animated Crush (the turtle from Nemo) that comes out and talks to the kids, it's so cool! He answers questions and picks kids to talk to. He picked Little Man first. Crush, "What's your name little dude?" Little Man says his name. Crush, "How old are you?" Little Man, "Three." Crush, "Where you from?" Little Man, "Disney World." Apparently he thinks he lives here now!

We had such a great time! As if we didn't have enough Disney fun, we decided to stop and have a field trip on the way home! We stopped in Kentucky at Mammoth Caves. My favorite part? The coolness of the cave! It felt so good! It was a great educational experience too.

So that STILL wasn't enough fun! On the day after we got home, we had a homeschool fieldtrip to the apple farm! It's a neat place with a play area, petting zoo, hay ride, and you get to pick 5 apples and watch an educational video about bees. We always have lots of fun there and the company was great! Our homeschool group at church is growing and growing!

So September was a great month and I know that we have lots of fun stuff planned for October too! I sure do love shore duty!!

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