Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Homeschooling Little Man

Homeschooling has been an interesting journey for me so far. We started 6 years ago for Tink, it definitely was the best thing for her! Princess has also flourished in our little homeschool, she is gifted in a completely different way then Tink. Last year, Tink started doing the video through ABeka. She LOVES it!! And it showed in her work and attitude. This year both girls are doing it and Princess loves it too. They watch their lessons on DVD on their laptops and then they do their work. I still do all the grading and helping with questions and studying. This year I also added Little Man to our classroom. So the girls having independent lesson times are great so I can focus on the boys more.

Little Man is only on lesson 33 today. When I think about that, it puts panic into my heart!! The girls are already on lesson 63!!! There are many reasons why Little Man is "behind". There have been a couple of days that I have kicked my 4 year old out of my classroom. That sounds terrible but he has to learn what the classroom is for and what it ISN'T being disrespectful to his teacher.

Every day he begs and whines to do school...and then as soon as we start, he begs and whines to be done. He likes the IDEA of doing school. Also, I have to give up things I want to do to do school with him. Like shower, workout, clean the house...which I am happy to do...if he was happy to do school. I wait to do school with him when Scooter goes down for a nap so that we can focus. So when he doesn't act like he wants to do it, I'm like...fine! Then I'll go take a shower!

Then the holidays hit. I did a lot of online shopping and bargain hunting and baking and, well, not a whole lot of schooling. Luckily the girls can do their work without me having to sit right there the whole time. Although even they took more days off then I was anticipating.

So that brings us to today. January 5th. I decided I HAD to get back to schooling Little Man. I mean technically I don't HAVE to do school with him at all. He's only 4, and it's just preschool...but I realized over Christmas break that my son could not count to 10 while playing hide and seek with his sisters. That...I am not okay with! I really wanted him to at least be able to count to 10!! Not for anyone else, not because I care what anyone else thinks, cause I don't. But just so he can play hide and seek with his sisters!!

So this afternoon when Scooter laid down for his nap...we did school. Not just one lesson, but 3 lessons!! He can count to 10...apparently he just didn't feel like it when he was playing. He also can recognize all 10 numbers and put them in order. He can also sing his ABC's, which he used to be able to do, and then I thought he couldn't anymore. He knows all his colors. He knows what sounds all the vowels and quite a few letters make. He can also write his name, all by himself, in capital or little letters.

Apparently, when playing, he wants to do things his own way. Why do the numbers have to go in order all the time and why can't X be in the alphabet 4 or 5's a fun letter to say!! And so what if we are only on lesson 33!! It's preschool!! He's gonna learn all the same stuff in Kindergarten anyway!! We need to have a little more fun and a little less seriousness I think. Boys sure are different to teach then girls!

Lord, give me what I need each day to give to my children. Help me to remember that they are individuals. Help me to be a good teacher and a great Mom and a loving wife. Amen.


Jenifer said...

Teaching our children is fun, rewarding, beautiful, and oh so stressful at times. I have had some of the same problems with my son only he is not four, he is eleven.

It is my prayer daily that God would help me be the mother and teacher I need to be for my children.

Sweet Blessings~

Lisa said...

As homeschooling moms, we do have to remember that all our children are individuals and learn in different ways. For me, my boys were easier to teach than my daughter. But to be a good teacher, we always have to be learning too.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. Just curious, how did you find that post?
Many blessings,

AurieGood said...

Hi! I'm visiting from i fellowship :) love this post - girls are so different from boys, aren't they? we also live in nj and went to nyc to visit Santa and see all the decorations to!

Blessings to you this happy day :)