Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making Every Day Special

Every thing we do, every day...I want to make special for my family. As Mr. M and I celebrated our anniversary, I wanted it to be really special. When we celebrated Tink's birthday, I made sure that Mr. M was a part of it and tried to make the best memories. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, I want us to just have super quality time...as a family. When he is home on the weekends, I try to make every thing we do really special. I'm sure most families do these things, but this year, I have a purpose. Next year, Mr. M won't be here for these things. He will be deploying.

So I want to make memories for my kids...and for their Dad, so that when they are missing each other...they can remember all the awesome things they did. Is it going to make them any less sad when Daddy isn't here for their birthday, probably not, but I still want them to have those amazing memories to hold on to.

A couple of weeks ago, I was singing in church during praise and worship and God spoke to me. He showed me that He wants OUR time together to be special. He wants me to make everything count! He doesn't just want my best on Sunday mornings, he wants every moment of every day to be special for Him and I. Hubby and I love our children and love to spend time with them, God loves us even more and wants to spend time with us.

We don't have to be on our knees in prayer every moment of the day...but we are supposed to pray without ceasing! God wants to be at the for front of our minds at all times. He wants us to share things with Him that make us happy or sad. He wants us to turn to Him in everything and include Him in everything.

Imagine if you will, standing in a group of people and being totally ignored. Sitting down at a table with your family, and not one person talks to you. Holding someones hand while they are going through a trial, and they let go to turn to someone else. Giving someone the best gift they have ever gotten and they act like they got it for themselves. Is this how we treat God? He is right there beside us, yet we do not acknowledge Him.

I pray, Lord, that as I go throughout each day, that I make it a special day that I spend with you...every day. Amen.

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Mrs. H said...

What a powerful devotion this is. The picture of letting go of His hand to turn to somebody for some perceived comfort ... is a very strong one... Bless you for making the effort to create special memories with ALL the loved ones, including your Heavenly Father!