Monday, November 7, 2011

Seasons in Him

On the way to church yesterday morning, there was a frost on the ground and the leaves are changing beautifully this time of year. Mr. M said his favorite part of fall is watching the leaves fall and being someplace quiet where you can actually hear the leaves hitting the ground.

That is the one thing we both miss about our house in NJ, it was surrounded by nature! Tons of trees and a lot of animals. Mr. M used to step outside with his morning coffee and listen to the leaves hitting the ground while watching the deer roam through our yard and the park across the street. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

So back to our drive to church. I told him that when I think of the leaves falling from the trees, it makes me think of how God strips away our sins and imperfections. When we allow God to do this, it can really be a beautiful thing.

Then when all of our sins have been washed away, we feel bare and naked.

But then God covers us with his mercy and grace! He washes us white as snow!

And then after God covers you with his mercy and grace...he covers you with his beauty, splendor, and love. He gives us new growth in Him, we are born again!

I pray that God will strip away my sins and imperfections, cover me with his mercy and grace, wash me white as snow, and give me new growth in him!! I pray the same for you today.

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Mrs. H said...

Love your picture-devotion here with the trees :)