Friday, February 13, 2009

Disney on Ice

What a magical time we had!! Last weekend we went to see Disney on Ice: 100 years of Magic. It was so great! We went with some great friends of ours and we celebrated one of their daughters 7th birthday. Tinkerbell dressed up as Jasmine...although she wanted to dress up as Tinkerbell...the costume is just too small for her now! Princess dressed up as Ariel and we even curled her hair! My friends 2 younger little girls dressed up as Belle and Aurora. They were all so beautiful! It didn't work out for my friends oldest daughter to dress up as Snow White so she decided she would be the Princesses assistant...although I think she did a much better job at being the little princes assistant...and a great big help to me!

You know how we love Disney and while we all want to go to Disney World so bad right now...this definitely was really awesome! We almost thought we were going to be late since we weren't watching the clock during lunch...but we made it in perfect timing! We had seats in the 10th row and it was VERY close!!

There were so many different characters in this program! They did little mini stories from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Finding Nemo, Pinocchio, Incredibles, Mulan, Lion King, and Toy Story. Plus most of the princesses were there with their princes! And of course we got to see lots and lots of Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!

I think the best part of the show though...was watching my kids enjoy the show! The girls were just in awe with smiles on their faces the whole time! Little Man was hilarious!! Every time Mickey would come out, he'd wave his little hand and yell, "Hi Mickey!!!" Then when he would go away Ethan would ask, "where's Mickey? Is he taking a nap?" And every time a beautiful princess would come out he would say, "Wook Mowwy!" Trying to get the attention of the birthday girl so she could see the princesses.

We had a wonderful, magical, Disney time and it really makes us want to go to Disney World even more right now!! Although I don't think I could handle our normal Disney routine being 7 months pregnant!!

So I had some camera issues that day of course. Just after the show started my battery died (we are going to buy an extra battery this weekend!). So I had to get out the old point and shoot, which is a pretty good little camera but just not great for shows like this with the lighting and all. Luckily my friend had her awesome camera and will be giving me copies of her pics. So enjoy some of the pics of mine that did turn out and have a magical day!!

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