Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Computer!

I'm so excited! That I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

Ahhhhhhhh....we finally got a new computer. No more waiting forever for sites to come up, no more only being able to have one window open at a time, no more frozen computer when I am trying to blog!!

Right now I am blogging and chatting with my sister in law on google at the same time! It's so amazing!

I am hoping this will greatly increase my blogging and adding pictures to my blog since it won't take me so long. That last post took me from Jan. 11th till Feb 2nd!

We just have to get all our stuff transferred over from the old computer which Mr. M is working on and then we will be all set!

Now if I could just get my new computer to clean my house......

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