Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today started out so great...actually it started yesterday. A good friend of mine had an in home party and while I didn't buy anything, we ended up staying really late and just chatting. It was so fun...and we ate chocolate fountain stuff! Yummy that was good.

I was up late with bad heartburn (due to said chocolate fountain) and from the excitement about what Saturday would bring. We were driving to Chicago to get a 3D ultrasound done!! I couldn't wait to see my sweet baby's little face!

My Mom & Dad came over in the morning to watch the kids for us cause we were going to the membership class at our church from 9-12. That was fun! It was a big class and although we already knew most of the information, it's always nice to see Pastor's Kevin and Dan! So as of tomorrow morning we will be members of KFA...I know, it's about time!

We came home and ate lunch, which was really yummy! Mr. M made egg salad sandwich and he makes it so good! I only like it when he makes it! We printed out directions to the ultrasound place and off we went. Mom came with us too!

I was glad we left early cause the traffic was crazy and we ended up getting there with just enough time to use the bathroom and it was time! Mr. M and I were both able to lay up on the bed, which was really cool, he was more a part of it that way. The tech came in and we told her we definitely did not want to know the gender of the baby. After a few minutes, she told us that the baby was in a really bad position. She was going to give us about 10 minutes to try and move around, drink some water, and eat a snack to try and get the baby moving. If the baby did not move we weren't going to be able to do the ultrasound today.

The baby is laying with it's back toward my stomach and the face toward my back. So we could see the back of the head and the spine great! We prayed, I drank water, I ate a snack, I layed on both sides and even got up on all 4's to try and get the baby to move. No such luck. We were not going to be able to do it today. We can reschedule.

When I got up to put my shoes on and get ready to go, I just lost it. I started balling. I know it seems silly to cry over something like this...I mean, really, I am having a healthy baby in 10 weeks, what's to cry about, right?! I guess it was just my excitement and hormones. I just really wanted to see my sweet baby's little face. Something to focus on for the next 10 weeks. I know when we got it done with Little Man, I watched our DVD every day till he was born!! I took all his pictures with to the hospital so I could focus on them during labor.

I don't know if we will reschedule or not. Mr. M says we will. It's such a long drive. He wanted to reschedule for next week. We have no guarantee that the baby will move though. I am having an ultrasound at my OB on Thursday to check baby's growth and some other things so they will be able to tell me if the baby has moved, then maybe we will reschedule for the following week. I am getting to the point where the baby will start moving down soon and it's getting more crowded which can also make it difficult to get good pics. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

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Michelle said...

oh how frustrating that baby wasn't cooperating for an u/s! I don't blame you for crying, I would have been too!