Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend!

Good Friday started out wonderful! I had an ultrasound scheduled for the morning and we finally were able to get a great shot of the baby's face!! Can you believe them cheeks?! I was so happy to finally be able to see this baby! At the end, the nurse said we were now going to see how much the baby weighs. I was kind of joking and said, "oh please don't let it be 7lbs yet." She said, "nooooo, it wouldn't be that big yet...we have...6lbs 11oz." I sat straight up and looked at her, "are you serious?! I still have 4 weeks!!' Later my Mom asked me how much more weight the baby will gain. I told her it's an estimate of about a pound a week...she started cracking up laughing...I told her it's not funny!!!! In all seriousness, I am not freaking out for real...the same thing happened with my son and he was 9lbs 4oz and I pushed him out just fine...but I do hope this one isn't much bigger! My precious baby's face!!
This is me on Easter Sunday, I am 36 weeks (and 1 day)!
So we have been doing our Easter a little different the last couple of years and we really like it! We do our Easter egg hunt and baskets on Saturday instead of Sunday. I always felt so stressed and rushed cause we needed to get to church. Now it's very relaxing and fun! On Good Friday Mr. M ended up having the day off so we colored Easter eggs and cookies. It was so much fun and Little Man was so patient this year!! Usually it's a little stressful helping him but he was so good!

On Saturday morning we had our egg hunt which the kids really enjoyed. First they came down and saw their baskets and Little Man's face was just priceless! Then we let Little Man start out with the hunt. We hide his pretty visible and easy...he actually was so good he found some of Princess's eggs! Next it was Princess's turn and she had a lot of fun too, she even found a couple of Tinkerbell's. Then it was Tinkerbell's turn. She wanted us to hide them really well...and we did. After she found about 4 of her 12 she told us that we hid them too hard!! We had to laugh at that. She did end up finding them all and we didn't even have the long lost egg like we usually do.

For lunch we made a big ham dinner and had my family over. It was a very relaxing day and that afternoon while Mr. M laid down with Little Man for a nap, my parents and I played Tinkerbell's new game called Sequence. It was a lot of fun and so nice to have some time with just my parents and I. After 2 games the girls realized we were playing and had to play too so Mom started cleaning up and we played one game with the girls. Then it was time to go to church! Our church had a Saturday night service this year and since we were going to be serving at both services on Sunday, we decided to go. WOW! There was over 1000 people at this service! It was great and what an awesome service as well!

So on Sunday morning my Mom & Dad picked me up for church since Mr. M didn't have to be there early. We went and got all set up for check in for 1st - 5th graders. I got the girls all ready before I left and hubby just had to get Little Man ready. I am so happy I got their outfits this year!! They looked just precious!!
So our church decided to do an outdoor Easter egg hunt this year! Mr. M brought the kids to that and I think they all had a great time!

For 2nd service my parents and I served again in the check in area for 1st - 5th grades and Mr. M served in the actual service part of it. I love serving at my church and it's so nice doing it all together as a family! I sure do appreciate my parents!!

After church was over we came home and had lunch and then Little Man, Princess, and I all took naps! I was hoping it would help my feet some and give me some much needed rest. Hubby tried to take a nap but I was too noisy so he went down and hung out with Tinkerbell. Later in the afternoon we went out to my friend's parents house. I am very close with her family and they invited us out to their annual family egg hunt. We got some great shots of the kids and as any time we spend with was great!!

By the time we got home last night my feet and ankles were HUGE!! You could even push the liquid around under my skin! When I woke up this morning they were a little better but now already they are not doing well again.

It was such a great Easter weekend and I am so thankful to the Lord for not only what He did for you and I; but also for giving me such a wonderful church, a marvelous family, and great friends that I am surrounded with. I love you all!!!


devildogwife said...

What a wonderful weekend! Glad all is going so well for you.

Erin said...

Sounds like a great Easter! Looks like it might have actually warmed up a little bit for you guys! The pictures are great and I love their outfits - too cute.