Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Election

So yesterday was voting day. I was SO nervous that I wasn't going to be able to vote. We haven't established residency here yet so I have no proof of my address. I went over to my polling location and waited in line for the non-registered voters. When it was my turn, all they wanted to see was my military ID and my social security card. I was kind of surprised but at the same time very happy! I got to vote!

Any of you who know me, probably know that my vote was for McCain/Palin. I'm not going to go into all the reason's at this point...since it's over already. I watched the election for awhile last night until McCain lost 2 of the must win states. I was really tired and not feeling well so I went to bed. I was really mad. I feel like a lot of people who voted for Obama (if this isn't you then please don't be offended!), voted uninformed. Young people who follow the crowd and only get their information from the WAY BIASED media. Or SOME people who only voted for him because of his race...and there are those out there. They showed them all over the news outlets last night saying exactly that. Or the people who voted for him simply to bring our troops home...who cares about the consequences.

Anyway, Barrack Obama is now the President Elect of the United States of America and come January will be Mr. M's new boss and we will support him 100% whether we agree with him or not. Congrats to all my friends who choose this candidate and who think that change is coming. I pray that you are right.

I met a new blogger today who stumbled across my blog from someone elses and when I went to check her's out, my spirit was lifted. She reminded me that God is still God! He is still on the throne and His word never changes. This wasn't a surprise to Him.

So today is a new day. I pray for Mr. Obama. First of all for his life and the safety of his family. I know that may seem dramatic but I also know that there are hateful people in this world. Second of all, for all the change that he said is coming. I pray that this is true and that it will be good change and not send us into a depression. Thirdly, I pray that he chooses good advisors and a good team of people to join him and that he listens to the military advisors and doesn't just make rash desicions where it comes to the military.

There is one thing I am so proud of today. Our first African American president...that is amazing. May God Bless America!!


Amy said...

I totally respect your opinion and I'm happy that it seems you've found at least some measure of comfort. I know a lot of people haven't and I'm sad for that.

But, I just wanted to say that yes, you're right a lot of people voted uninformed for Obama, but a lot did the same for McCain. I was so shocked when I started opening some of my emails about the campaign and saw all of the awful and untrue things said. A lot of people vote uninformed on all sides and I think it's really sad.

I'm hoping right along with you that he makes informed decisions for the military and that the change coming is positive.

theresa said...

Hi Heather ... I came upon your site somehow -- LOL!! I've enjoyed "getting to know you" thru your posts. :o)

What was really cool was seeing that you had "met" Robin from The Rewritten Princess. She's a very in-real-life friend (and I linked to her today also!!).

I've added you to my GoogleReader. ((HUGS))