Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wow, I can't believe I am a day late on this one! Yesterday wasn't such a great day for me. I have had a terrible head and chest cold. I had a Dr. appt. yesterday afternoon and thankfully she gave me an antibiotic. I am already feeling a bit better today but now I feel like I can't hear out of either ear! So it's a good thing I got the meds.

The pregnancy is going well. Baby's heartbeat sounds great and my belly is measuring right where it should be. I have no idea what position this baby is in since it keeps moving around so much but I know that it's up in my ribs now. Wow does this hurt!! I sure hope the baby moves again soon!

So today I am making our traditional corned beef and cabbage! We didn't have it last year since Mr. M wasn't home and I didn't remember to buy it this year. He went to the store yesterday to get some stuff for grilling out (since it was 70 here!!!) and he brought home corned beef and cabbage, so I am cooking it today! A day late but we are both really excited about it!!

With the beautiful weather we had the last few days I can not wait for spring...real spring! My friend who shares my birthday on March 23rd put on her much will we pay for this nice weather and will it be in feet or inches? I keep telling Mr. M that he shouldn't get too excited yet! I was born in an ice storm and I have had snow many a year on my birthday! We have also had snow many a year for Easter. So I'm not sitting comfortable just yet!

I need to get out and do some shopping! I need to get Easter outfits for the kids and Little Man really needs some new shoes for church. He has tennies and black dress shoes but most of his clothes call for brown shoes. He also has finally moved up to 3T for pants. They are still a little long but not nearly as bad as his highwater 2T's!! I wish I weren't in so much pain so I could just go do it! The other day Mom and I went to 2 stores at the outlet, she even moved the truck so I wouldn't have to walk, then Target, and Woodmans and I could barely walk by the time I got home. Something about the floors in those stores just kills my back right now!! I'm gonna have to rent one of those scooters next time! Lol.

We are getting very excited about planting our garden and building the kids a swingset! We will be spending a lot of time in our back yard this spring and summer! We also hope to go camping a bit! Our first trip is scheduled for Father's Day weekend...the baby will be 6 weeks if I go on time. Maybe I'll go early and the baby will be 8 weeks!! Wouldn't that be nice! We also have a trip planned for the 4th of July to go down to Missouri to see family, like a mini family reunion! It will be nice to see everyone. While Mr. M was deployed, my Grandpa passed away, and 1 Aunt and 1 Uncle. I felt so horrible that I couldn't be there with everyone but I couldn't get from VA to MO with 3 kids, it was just too far. So I will be so happy to see everyone, and I'll get to see my Brother and his family whom I haven't seen in quite awhile!

I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful month of March so far! Only 3 more days till "Spring" and only 5 more days till my birthday! Mmmmm mmmmm, Mom's chicken and dumplin's! Can't wait!

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